HAF X + GTX 590, cooling question.

I just built my new rig within a HAF X case, all default settings/fans on both. Both of the GPUs inside the GTX 590 idle around 40C @ 50% GPU fan speed, and hit 75C gaming @ 80% GPU fan speed (custom fan speed profile). I've read this is acceptable, however, in my old Antec 900 the GPUs never seen 75C, but it was a smaller case and I also had a PCI slot fan right beneath the GPU to exhaust air out the back of the case. I did not put the PCI slot fan under the GPU this time, would it be worth doing so, even in the HAF X case? From what I understand, the GTX 590 oddly exhausts air inside the case and not out the back like most other GPUs? so, not sure if adding the PCI slot fan makes a difference or not? Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Note: The 'fan shroud' included with the HAF X case that is intended to go over the GPU, does not fit with a GTX 590 (because of the lenght of it?) because it blocks 2 pin holes for the second power connector, so this shroud was left off.
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  1. A fan is never going to hurt your performance or temps- if you're got it stick in in there. A lot of cards don't exhaust air solely out the back of the case (like reference designs do), which is fine.

    I also have a HAF X and don't use the cooling shroud but have never had temp issues (was using HD 5850's in crossfire and will be installing some 560 ti's in SLI as a short-term upgrade later this afternoon).

    I'd recommend running a benchmark and noting the temps, then installing the fan you mentioned and see if it cools things down. Even though the HAF X has good airflow, it's hard to argue against the benefit of having a fan RIGHT THERE blowing directly onto the card.
  2. Thanks for your fast reply. However, I should have mentioned this before, but the PCI fan would be directly under the GPU fan, and it sucks air INTO it and out the back of the case. Therefore, it doesn't blow air onto the card, but just sucks air into it and vents it out the back. I might just try and see.
  3. what about adding the second exhaust fan to the top of the case?
  4. I can try that, too, but I did a lot of reading on it and it didn't seem to make a difference for a lot of people, so I decided to just let the second fan spot just serve as a natural air vent.
  5. i did it on mine and it helped with my overclocked gtx570--pulling the air out vents it faster than just the heat

    rising on its own--so did get 3 or 4 degree drop in card temp

    but in the end up i went back to my silverstone raven rv02--the haf x is a great case but the 90 degree rotation

    of the motherboard in the raven just pours the heat from the graphics card out of the top of the case

    my gtx570 runs much cooler and much quieter than it did in the haf x--its idling at 25c with room temperature at

    20c and i can barely hear it ramp up playing arkham city--the fans only go to 25%
  6. I might just try the second top fan at some point, but I also had a SC GTX 570 before I sent it back and got a GTX 590 (Wasn't satisfied with FPS on BF3 with the GTX 570), and the 570 runs a ton cooler than the 590 by default because it vents air out the back and only has 1 GPU, unlike the 590 that has dual GPUs in one card. Thanks for your suggestion.
  7. Out of curiousity, should I turn my front 230mm fan around and make it suck air out of the case instead of into the case? Since the GTX 590 exhausts hot air towards the front of the case.
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