I can not see Any wireless network on my Dell inspiron N5030 lap top

I can not see any wireless network on my Dell inspiron N5030 lap top. When I try to instal the wireless drive from the cd the lap top came with, it says my network card is not present or ejected, yet the lap top is new and had not been worked on before.
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  1. The wireless adaptor is an option, not standard equipment for your model.
    Does you laptop have it?
  2. The wireless adapter hardware and software are all in the laptop. I know this fact now because after I bought an external wireless adapter and got it installed, my inbuilt one that was not functioning started working when I took out the external adapter that I just bought. Then the following day, I was back to square one, and it stopped functioning : not seeing the wireless networks around. I put back the external wireless adapter that I bought, and worked with it, but when I removed it, my internal wireless hardware started working again, and stopped working the following day when I turned on my laptop. In short ,it appears to activate when I run certain applications like trying to add a printer to the wireless network.
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    How about you take your new malfunctioning laptop in for a replacement or warranty work. Be sure to backup your data first.
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