Classic debate: Intel vs AMD (2500k vs 8150)

I need help deciding on a CPU for a 3D animation/game development box that I'll be making 15 of for a school's computer lab.

I know Intel's 2500k is a great CPU. But into looking at alternatives, the FX 8150 jumped up. I can get an overall cheaper rig if I base it on the 8150/AMD model, but I don't know if I'll also be significantly sacrificing performance as well.

So, is Intel's 2500K processor so much better than AMD's FX 8150 that it's worth spending $1500 more (~$100 x 15 computers) on an already tight budget?
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  1. Hi :)

    Having been a School Governor, I would guess its ALL about I would go with the cheapest...AMD...

    All the best Brett :)
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    You tell us
    Then again I am presuming that this is not getting overclocked so you could offset some of the cost down by going I5 2300/2400 with H67 or H75/77 motherboards.
  3. Yes, it IS all about the budget. But there's enough to squeak by with 15 Intel boxes. If I could save money I could get the students something else like some new chairs too, which would be nice.
  4. At system build cost above $800, I don't see any place at the table for AMD.
  5. Yes, you are correct, there probably won't be any overclocking. However, this is the one big hardware upgrade my lab gets for 5 years. So, I wanted the K series so I could overclock them if needed.
  6. The ideal build price would be $850 - 900, but I can go up to $1000 if absolutely needed.
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