My monitor will sometimes go blackscreen on me and flash the message about unabl

My monitor will sometimes go blackscreen on me and flash the message about unable to read an input device (too fast to read the entire message). So far it has only happened while playing Star Wars: The Old Republic or League of Legends (but that's pretty much all I do on this system at the moment). The moniter has yet to redisplay an image without a hard reset. It does not normally occur very often but it has been becoming more frequent. Was once every few weeks, but is now less than a week apart. Today it happened twice.

Is this a Video card issue? A problem with the monitor? I don't have the budget to just start replacing things trial and error style. Any help or info is very much appreciated.

P.S. - I apologize if the category is not pertaining to this issue. Hard to place the unknown.
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  1. Can you try the monitor on a different computer? Then we will know!
  2. I could....but there is no way for me to force the problem. So it's kind of like..."oh hey, I'm going to hook my monitor up to this system. Go a few days and it's fine. So i replace the card and the guess what? Monitor does it again. Vice-Versa. It doesn't happen every single time I do a set action...It's completely random.

    How do I test that for certainty?
  3. I suggested the only way I know without spending money!
  4. Well, I appreciate the help. I'll start at it.
  5. I have been having this exact same problem with SWTOR. I bought a new computer and I wasn't sure if it was SWTOR or a component. I am using a 5970HD graphics card and an ACER S231HL monitor.
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