3 Monitors on Hd 5770 non gaming

I have 3 monitors. They are all different, I just want to extend the display accross all three screens for non gaming purposes. one is a 17"hp lcd, the other a 22' hp lcd, and the last is my 32" panasonic lcd hdtv. currently i have:
17" on one of the DVI
22" on the DP
and my 32" TV on the HDMI
I go to windows settings and I select to extend the display onto my other monitor but it says... "Unable to save display settings"
Please help!
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  1. i see u posted awhile ago but have just been lookin myself and appretnly only way to do it is have the 3rd monitor connect with a dvi to dp active adpater has to be active
  2. With your AMD card you should be able to run 3 monitors. Here is a few links to info on hooking up 3 monitors. Don't mind my answers I was a noobie at the time about this subject. I hope these help and good luck.



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