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I am coming up with plans for a gaming computer, and I will be running rather high end games like bf3, Skyrim etc. Could an i3 2120 be able to handle bf3 med/high at 40+ (willing to go down to 35) frames with a 6870 graphics card? If not, what is an alternative? (Keep the price in the same ball park.) Also, I am still coming up with ideas for parts, so if you have a recommendation for a motherboard, ram, power supply, etc, please tell me. Thanks!!
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    get a Phenom II 965 and OC it. It will help in BF3 64 player maps
  2. I'm in the opposite boat. I ordered a 965 but am considering changing to i3 2120. Your getting 4 cores with the 965 but the two cores the i3 has very good performance. Also the upgradability for the i3 very good. not to mention only 65w. But yeah the 965 will perform better in multiplayer. I can't decide either.
  3. Hi :)

    Two cores isnt enough for BF3 , its one of the few games that can actually use more than 2...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. in skyrim an i3 will work but BF3 multiplayer maps will benefit from a i5-2400 substantially.
  5. i had 965 and 2120 to be honist the amd was aboot 10 faster on games .
  6. How much are you willing to spend on the CPU. BF3 is pretty demanding unlike most games that only use two cores BF3 will really put a strain on the CPU. The I3 can run BF3 but not that great. If you're willing to spend more on a CPU I would go with an I5.
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  8. If BF3 multiplayer ASAP is ur main concern then better get i5 or 965BE if u dont have cash..
    If u mostly play many single player games then u ll be fine with i3 for now.. Upgrade to i5 when u have cash
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