Best PCI card? 9500GTDDR2 1GB vs 520GTDDR3 512MB

Hi, I'm just wondering with my old mobo and all, what is the best card I can get period.

I've bought a Sparkle 9500GT about a year ago, and the question is would this card be better?


This is the card I currently own;

9500GT DDR2 1GB

Performance wise, movies, games etc, which card would be better to purchase or is there another even better card?

I know that getting another mobo, comp etc, would be a lot better. But between PCI, which would offer more?

Thank you :D
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  1. If $60 - $70 is the price range you are looking at, and you have a small PSU, I would suggest moving to an AMD card of that price range. And always go for the 1GB over the 512MB. Here are some examples.

    If you can go mid $70s, I would suggest one of these:
    They are several tiers above the cards you mention. When you switch to the AMD card from the Nvidia, always first uninstall the old driver first.
    I'm assuming your PSU is 300W or less and your budget is as mentioned.
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