Can you Turbo Boost on an H77 motherboard?

Wasn't sure if I should put this in the overclocking section...

Example: Can you turbo boost to 3.5ghz on a i5-3450 with a H77 motherboard?

Yes I know that the 3450 is "locked" and the H77 doesn't support overclocking, but how about turbo boost? :whistle:
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  1. Yes the Turbo boost is a feature with that board.
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    turbo boost is sort of an auto-overclocking. turbo boost kicks in when there is thermal headroom. it is not motherboard chipset dependent. if your workload demands, turbo boost will kick in. sometimes amount of duration or turbo clockrate vary among motherboards. bottom line, h77 chipset will let the i5 turbo.
    what you won't be able to do is raise cpu turbo multiplier 4 bins above base. if you use a z7x or z68 or p67 chipset, you will be able to oc the partially unlocked i5 400 mhz over base clockrate. h7x, h6x chipsets do not allow that.
  3. As long as the CPU itself supports TB, you should have no problem.
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