Acer Aspire One SMS Bus Controler

I am fixing an Acer Aspire One D150-1165 For a friend, these things are trouble from the start but here we go.

First off Acers Pre-installed bloatware is junk and was random freezing.

Did a complete reformat and install of XP Home Edition

Downloaded and installed all drivers supplied by Acer website.

Now in device manager it shows I have big yellow question marks next to SMS Bus Controler and Ethernet controller missing the drivers and no driver I've found lists these specificly.

Clicked on them and tried to re-install drivers and it says they are not present

Ok so I thought Acer didn't include them in their drivers list so I tried to find them on the internet elsewhere to no avail. Was it supposed to be included in the other driver downloads and didn't install right or am i just not finding the drivers? Without the SMS Bus Controller the sound is all digitized and garbly.

On another forum someone talked about disabling the on-board audio then re-installing the Realtek drivers apparently the SMS driver is supposed to come along with it, IDK? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me?

Thanks Guys
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  1. I figured it out, I used a program I found called WinDriver Ghost Personal. My friend had another Acer Aspire One d250 1165, this program copied and packed all the drivers from it into my flash drive then just moved flash to broken d150 and installed drivers from it lucky enough the drivers matched on the different machines. Although kinda strange the drivers are like non-existant on the internet. I think Acer put a junk product out there just to make money off the troubleshooting, to talk to them its like $20 for 15min or to send it to them to fix it its like $100 shipping? Crooked B*sturds! I would not recommend an Acer Product to my worst enemy!

    Thanks for looking though
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