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Hi everyone.
i am finishing up my new build (amd fx 4100, 3.6 GHz, 8 GB 1866 MHz ram with 9-9-9-24 latency.) and i just need a graphics card to run battlefield 3. what would be the best card (from both nvidia and amd) that would run the game without getting super hot?
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  1. Hey money is not an issue heck the GTX 590 or wait a few months for the 6 series to come out. But if you want a cheaper card then go for the 560 Ti's. Another thing what resolution will you be running? And What is your size and brand of your power supply (PSU)?
  2. I think the 6950 is good.

    AMD cards are generally less hot and less power hungry than nvidia cards and BF3 prefers AMD.

    if you are too tight on budget, the 6870 is the best card for your money right now imo.
  3. 6950 would be the best choice, just by flashing the bios you'll unlock more texture units and make that 6950 into a 6970 :P
  4. very unlikely you'd be able to flash an 6950 into a 6970 any more.
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