Putting windows 7 on mini ssd

Putting windows 7 on mini ssd, is that possible? I must know!!!! :bounce:
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  1. you can put it on anything you want DVD, usb, ssd,
  2. No, well I want to know can I boot Win7 from a mini ssd card?
  3. How big is yours Mini SSD card?
  4. 30gb
  5. My question is, still is it a bootable drive?
  6. mr_lucklegs said:
    My question is, still is it a bootable drive?

    Why not? What's the model?
  7. 30GB OCZ Nocti mSATA and oh can it be used on any mini pcie slot!?
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    Absolutely u can! That's why we have them available!
    They would be pretty expensive and useless if they couldn't boot : )

    OCZ Nocti mSATA SSDs are the ideal upgrade for the latest notebooks and desktop systems with limited storage space. Unlike a standard drive, OCZ Nocti mSATA SSDs are smaller with no outer casing, making them a cost-effective solid state storage solution. Perfect for creating a dual-boot laptop or desktop system where all your storage slots are filled, OCZ mSATA SSDs allow for increased capacities, high speeds, and low power consumption in a small form factor. Based on the high-performance SandForce processors, Nocti mSATA Series is the ideal upgrade for enthusiast and professional mobile workstations and tablets.

    Newegg customer:
    Mistaken Mpata slot for a Msata slot

    “Speedy little drive, impressed with the price to performance ratio. Boot time is fast and my OS is snappy”
    — jack 12/25/2011

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  10. Good luck Mr_Lucklegs and thanx for the vote : )
  11. Are you trying to boot to run it as a live OS or for the installation of windows? Because you can make a bootable flash drive for windows and have your bios set to boot to USB first instead of HDD or CD Rom.
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