My ram slot is not working

i have recently done some cable management in my computer case(before cable management computer was working). when i next tryed to boot up my computer it showed a black screen. i then rebooted and it gave three long beeps. i then switched around my ddr2 ram and found that one of the slots was not working. what could have caused this and is their any way i could fix this?
i have a generic psu could this be a problem? and my mobo is Intel DQ965 chipset Motherboard
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  1. It could be just that you need to re-seat the RAM. (Pull it out and pop it back in again).

    From what I can see (Google Images), your motherboard has 4 RAM slots, 2 Blue, 2 Black, 4 total.

    Do you have 2 RAM sticks or 4? If you only have 2, use either the 2 blue, or the 2 black RAM slots. Either combination should eliminate the problem of having 1 faulty RAM slot.
  2. agree with re-seat. also buy a $7 can of compressed air at staples and blow air into the dimm slot. sometimes they get bits of fluff in them.
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