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Hi I have an old system for five years, and it was working fine until recently. I didn't add any new hardware and made recent changes.

Recently, while playing League of Legends, it would get some random artifacts, and it would freeze with a blank screen. Most of the time, I rebooted and it was fine. This happened 2-3 times before.

One day while I was gaming, artifacts showed up on the whole screen. I tried tabbing out, but the system froze with blank screen. I rebooted the computer, and I saw minor artifacts at the POST screen like in the game, and I tried going into BIOS by pressing Del. It failed to go in BIOS.
Subsequently, the system cannot go past POST now.

Now, my system turns on when I press it. I hear all the fans move, but it fails the POST test.

I hear this weird POST if everything is plugged in. Beep 3 times - pause - 4 more beeps. Then it repeats it again, but this time it beeps 3 times - pause - and 2 beeps.

I reseted the CMOS by taking out the battery. - Didn't work.

I tried going unplugging everything except the motherboard, CPU, and HSF. I get the continuous beeps. Listen to the files for the POST beeps.

I tried mobo, CPU, HSF, and ram. I get this 1 long beep, 3 beeps, pause, 2 more beeps.
(Is the memory failing? I had a pair of Buffalo Firestix before. When those died after 2 year of use, there was no beep at all.)

Mobo, CPU, HSF, ram, and Video. I get this weird beeping pattern, which I don't know how to interpret.

Is it my video card that's failing to boot up the system?
Please recommend me some steps to try.
Thanks a lot.

My system:
CPU: Intel C2D E6550
Mobo: Asus P5K-E/Wifi-AP
Ram: Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5 X2 (1.8V ver4.2)
Video: eVGA Geforce 8800 GTS 320MB
PSU: Corsair HX520W
HDD: Western Digital WD2500KS
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    These are the major beep codes for that motherboard, so you either have a corrupt BIOS, or the motherboard was slowly going bad.
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