Need a 7.1 sound card


I'm wondering out of this list ( ) which sound card has the best reputation and is worth the money for the headset they are suggested for. So it needs to be 7.1 which the creative ones dont seem to be?

I think my current sound card is a creative xtrerme gamer, Im not sure because I cant get to my desktop soon. But i know its 5.1 so would not make the most of what that head set has available.

If there are any sound cards not on that list that you think are good please say, same with headsets.

Thanks for your time.

my set up:
asus p6t deluxe v2

3 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (at x16/x16/x1 or x16/x8/x8 mode)
1 x PCIe x4
2 x PCI

GTX 570
so lots of pci slots I can use.
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  1. As there have been some new cards on the market since the "release" of the Tiamat 7.1, I would not go for any.
    I usually go for top shelf products so that i dont have to worry about an out dated product in 6 months, but you never know what is around the next corner in technology.

    I have my eye on the

    I really trust the quality of Asus products and stand by them 100%.

    My Tiamat's come very very soon and I cant wait to use them.
    Good luck with what you choose.

    And yes Not all Creative cards are 7.1
    Feel Free to ask me if your not sure.
    We are all here to help:)
  2. The phoebus is a little expensive for me. I was looking at getting the asus Xonar DX this should do the trick though?

    Please say how you find the tiamat, I cant decide, although I know the mic is quite bad :(
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