Unique Problem - No Audio Output Device

Why is it unique? Because there is a possible chance that my sound card could be physically damaged and I have no idea if that's the case or not.

I have a Sony VAIO VPCEB42FX.

What happened was I had recently taken my laptop apart to clean the fan and reapply thermal paste on the CPU. When I turned the laptop on for the first time a few hours later, it turned on just fine and the fan and CPU is working even better, but now I have the "No Audio Output Device Installed" problem AND my USB ports are not working which are coincidentally on the same card.

What I have done:

-Gone to Device Manager and uninstalled/reinstalled all the USB ports and everything under Sound
-Realized that Realtek HD Audio is not listed under Sound, the ONLY thing listed is the Intel Display Audio which I have uninstalled and reinstalled too
-Tried to install the Realtek driver but when I would restart, the problem is still there and it is still not listed under Device Manager
-Cleaned my Registry
-Reinstalled the Intel Chipset Driver
-Went through my BIOS to look for something related to Sound that I can enable, but found nothing
-Went to the Audio settings, right-clicked the white box and enabled "Show Disabled..." and nothing showed up

Could my sound card be damaged from opening up the laptop? :/
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  1. Laptops dont typicvally have a seperate soundcard. Its usually integrated ont he motherbd and ,yes, you could have caused damage opening the laptop up. Did you wear static protection?
  2. Yes, I'm sure it was not a static issue. And I did not even touch it while doing the Thermal paste process. I'm not really tech-savvy person so I'm just going to say it's the card that has the headphone and microphone jacks and the 3 USB ports on it that is connected to the main motherboard with a black strip.
  3. Hi :)

    I own a lappy repair company....

    Go back inside the lappy and reconnect whatever you disturbed or disconnected...

    All the best Brett :)
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