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can i use the Coolermaster Coolviva Z1 for a gtx 560, dats the only available cooler in my country. its compatibility is present till the 8800gts. it has good reviews. if it can be used i'll buy immediately
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  1. no, the coolviva isnt designed to handle the output of a 560ti (about 150w). The 8800 gt is down aroun 50w or less for comparison.
  2. i have a gtx 560, and palit's stock cooling is absolute ***........ will this cooler fit in gtx 560 socket tho..... and in ur terms a arctic accelero is almost 30$ more here which i cant afford......(and wats watt has to do here)
  3. any one?? please help me :( are the mountings the same ??
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    The Coolviva Z1 CAN'T handle the heat output of the 560, I promise. No need to even try. Regardless, there's almost no chance that it would fit. Would be a miracle, honestly.

    The stock cooler may not be great, but the Coolviva Z1 would be MUCH worse.
  5. watts is electrical energy used. enegery used generates heat. So watts is a rough indication of heat generated.
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