800w enough for GTX 670 SLI??

I'm building my PC over the summer, and I'm getting a GTX 670 windforce video card. I also want to get another one next year, for sli, so i was wondering if a Cosair GS800w would run 2 gtx 670 windforce cards and an over clocked i5 3570k? Thanks
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  1. Yes, that PSU will run those two video cards and an overclocked CPU without problems.
  2. Yes, an 850 will actually handle 3 of those cards.....


    500 Watts + 170 + 170 = 840 watts per nVidia


    293 + 161 + 161 = 615 per Guru3D bench tests

    Add 30 watts per card for overclocking the card further and that 705 watts still leaves 145 watts of headroom w/ 3 cards.
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