Good low power card for skyrim

a friend of mine wants to play the new Skyrim

his specs

Phenom x3 8550 2.2ghz
4gb ddr2 @800mhz
Nvidia 9400GT (just broke, hence the new card)
200w power supply

Junk computer i know, his highest resolution is 1280x720. He's fine playing it on low settings

the power supply is really whats stopping me from picking a better card, so i need something that uses the same amount of power as a 9400gt. any luck? or is it hopeless?
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  1. basically,2997-7.html and when you find a card better or the same as your 9400gt you have a look at the card some other place. If it needs extra power plug, it will draw too much power, go for a smaller card that doesn't need an extra power plug and you're set :)
  2. I don't know if you can even effectively run anything on a 200 watt, Im surprised your 9400 ran on it.

    I think you'd be good to try and get another 9400gt since I don't have any idea about running stuff on a 200w power supply
  3. The main issue there is the CPU. Even with a better gfx card you might not see any difference. But if you want a low powered gfx card, get something like a 5570.
  4. well according to the newegg psu calc

    his current build uses 323w with the 9400. with the 5570 it would use 317w
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