I need help reversing a USB-powered fan

I've been attempting to reverse Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler's fans by heating the insulation to peel it back and splicing two wires connecting one of the fans to the circuit board.

I know that the fans can be reversed ( http://forum.notebookreview.com/accessories/134029-how-reverse-fans-antec-notebook-cooler.html ), but the fan with the modified wires no longer works.

Here are two pictures of the modified wires:

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  1. You will notice that no one in that thread indicated that they had any success in doing it, merely that they were going to attempt it. If there is a diode in the way the fan can only spin in one direction, and it will be far far less efficient spinning in reverse anyway as the fan blades are scooped to provide good airflow in only one direction.
  2. Well, if I was to connect black to black and red to red and overall undo the mod, would the fan work?
  3. Why not just flip the fan over?
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