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As I wait for my new parts to come in for my own machine, a colleague of mine has purchased a barebone kit of his own.

Figuring I could use the brushing-up, as it were, on my building skills I offered to put it together for him. I've double checked all of the connections but I am not getting a video output on either the integrated VGA (with or without the Radeon card installed) or the Radeon card. The LEDs come on, the hard drive spins, the fans all work, the DVD drive opens/closes; just no video output.

The one thing I notice on the motherboard is that it has an ATX power connected (24 pin) on the right as mounted in the case, and a 4pin ATX_12V on the left in between the CPU and I/O ports. The power supply that comes with the kit only has a 20+4 pin (the 20pin with a 4pin on the same length of cable that clips to the 20pin) for the ATX connection. Is this right? I would hate to think they would ship a kit without the necessary components and the reviews I have read havent mentioned this being an issue.

Clearly, I have to be doing something wrong. Any idea?

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  1. most modern motherboards have a 24 pin power connector (20+4 is okay) as well as at least one auxilliar power input 4pin connnector. check your manual as to which ones are optional and which are mandatory. if you have just one chances are you are required to use it. you will get a ftp/ftb and nvo in this case.

    remember that most modern video cards requrie at least one 4pin connector for power, some require 2. without power you will get nvo. perhaps the integrated card is fed by the aux 4pin port which might explain the nvo without the slot video card installed as well.

    triple check what you have connected (power ports) versus the motherboard diagram. if you miss them, and its easy to do, you will have problems. i did this the first time i saw a mb with the ports as well so i know firsthand how easy it is to miss.

    if you have triple checked everything and you have the correct power ports, you have no bad parts, your psu isn't overloaded and you have everything hooked up right but you still get nvo then cycle through your monitors input sources. perhaps you are on the wrong one. at the very least if the device posts you should get the normal bios readouts.
  2. You must have both the 4-pin and 24-pin power connectors firmly fastened to the motherboard.
  3. I appreciate the feedback; after going around with it and having a few colleagues look at it with me it appears to be a bad MoBo. Thanks again for the insight!
  4. Got the replacement MoBo and the new machine works like a champ!
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