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I wanted to ask if there were any glaring flaws with my idea of building a computer in the next month or two. I am coming from an old hp810n with an AMD 3300+ Single core(Don't bother looking it up its hp exclusive), with and nvidia geforce 7600 GS AGP x8 Card (Which has blown all its capacitors), so anything will be an improvement. I am a chemist by profession, but I don't do much with Chem programs. Thank you in advance for any responses.

$600-800 range up front (Want it to be upgradable)

I live in NC

Use: Gaming, Watching Video, I want it to be viable for several years, Possible future SLI/Crossfire and possibly OCing.

Rosewill Challenger

i5 2500k
From Amazon (Have a credit)

Biostar TZ68A+

Corsair Vengeance 8 GB ( 2 x 4 GB ) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) 240-Pin

Power Supply
Thermaltake W0382RU

Hard Drive
I want an SSD but that might have to come later. HDD's are really overpriced atm in my opinion... I might reuse old ones for a few months while i wait for prices to normalize, but suggestions are welcome.

Optical Drive
Just a bulk dvd burner should be fine.

Video Card
Suggestions welcome...
Geoforce 550Ti Superclocked

I guess thats it...Any advice about cooling and OCing is welcome too. Thanks
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  1. I knew I'd Forget something...

    Operating system
    Windows 7 Ultimate ( Already have)
  2. For the video card, the 550ti is pretty bad. A Radeon 6850 is much better. Heck, even the GTX 460 is better.

    Thermaltake is not a good PSU, and PSUs are not the type of components to go cheap on. You most certainly don't need 750W for the 6850 I recommend. I would just buy a 500W PSU from Antec, XFX, Corsair, or Seasonic.
  3. Thanks. Is there a particular Manufacturer of the 6850 to avoid? I see this on TD by PowerColor:

    I will probably go with a 750w corsair enthusiast series. Thanks for the tip. I have memories of bad power supplies that I must have repressed...
  4. I don't think any GPU manufacturer should be avoided.
  5. We can do a bit better overall in your budget I believe.

    DVD Burner $21.

    Case $55.

    GPU $229 - $30 rebate = $199

    PSU capable of adding a second GPU in SLI at a later point. $99 - $25 rebate = $75

    RAM $46.

    Motherboard. Sli and Crossfire capable. $154 - $20 rebate = $134.

    CPU $225.

    CPU cooler. $35

    Total is $867.92 with $75 in rebates for a total of $792.92

    This build will max most games at 1920 x 1080.
  6. And of course I forgot a hard drive :whistle: so much for doing better for your budget.

    Oh well hard drives are so expensive right now I would just get something small and save up for an SSD.

    This adds $85 to your build. Bringing you total to $877. Sorry about breaking your budget but it's a great build if you can justify it. You could also go with a cheaper GPU like was recommended above. A 6850/6870 would still be good especially if you plan on adding a second one later.
  7. Hey no worries. I am pretty sure I can secure some hard drives for the time being and back them up on a 1tb external. Thanks a ton.
  8. Is there an advantage to the P67 that I am missing? I was thinking the GA-z68-d3H-B3
  9. Just me being in a hurry. I actually meant to link you to that exact Z68 board. Z68 is a better choice.

    That made me second guess the entire build I posted for you and I went back and looked. Everthing else is what I intended to post. I'm not usually so careless sorry about that.
  10. No worries. I was second guessing myself as well. Thanks for the advice. Now to sell the idea to the wife!
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