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I've been having an issue with my PC. Seems to only happen when I'm playing the new Star Wars game. I'll be playing for awhile and then all of a sudden my screen will go blank. Sound will shut off, but the PC still is running. I cannot power the PC off manually via the power button, I have to unplug the power cord from the power strip. I wait and then power back on and it's fine till next time it happens. BUT.. It's only happened when playing a game??? Any one have a clue? Would this be a Video Card issue, Ram issue or Processor issue? Everything is new except for the processor.
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  1. Anyone have any idea's happened again just now. I had to unplug and start it again.
  2. I'm running a Radeon 6950 2gig vid card.. FYI and memory is 8gb's.

    AMD processor X4 975
  3. i cant say for sure, if your pc was still running try to reinstall your drivers for your vid cards and chipset,are others reporting this with the game because it could be the game aswell
  4. I run a program called Advanced System Optimizer which checks for all the lastest Drivers, so everything is up to speed. I have not read that people were having the same problem with playing the game. Should I upgrade my Processor from a X4 975 to a X6 1090T?
  5. even in some cases the drivers can install wrong, not sure about your cpu but would def reinstall the drivers just to be sure that its not that before upping the cpu
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