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Can't set 2nd monitor to 1920*1080

ive just bought a samsung syncmaster sa100 monitor to use as my 2nd screen. ive got my main screen set to 1920*1080 but my new one wont go past 1600*1200. ive looked up the specs online and it clearly says that the maz res is 1920*1080. im running them on 2* ATI HD6850
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  1. what exact model is it as i just googled the monitor you provided and i was a 1366x768 monitor
    S19A100N 18.5'' led that it?
  2. S22A100N 21.5"
  3. the only think i could suggest is going to your display settings in control panel and under display properties/settings
  4. I understand from reading the reviews there's some software you have to go to samsungs site and install to get access to the monitor controls as there are no physicsl buttons. have you installed this? since this is a rather odd thing i am thinking its possible windows is confused about whats connected with out the software/driver.
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    link to the download page. there is indeed a driver needed for windows 7 as well as some software. that should fix it. if not you can uncheck the "hide resolutions this monitor cannot display" box in the resolution. settings and see what your options are
  6. problem solved!!! i installed the driver from my SA300 on it and it allowed me to do it, i then reinstalled the driver for the S22A100N and the 1920*1080 option was still there. thanks for your help everyone
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