Graphics card messed up?

so about 2 weeks ago my graphics driver would at random start failing and recovering 2-3 times one right after the other, after i reinstalled the driver it worked fine for about a week then it did it again, so i applied the same fix of reinstalling the driver. it worked fine for a couple days then any game i tried to play would lag the whole computer sometimes locking up for 7-8 seconds then jumping forward and locking again until i hit the reset button. resetting the computer would fix it for about 3 days but now anything that puts any real load on the system causes it. ive run memtest86 on it and it came up clean and it dosent really seem like the mainboard has anything wrong with it. i could be wrong though

any ideas?
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  1. Could be failing Vram on the GPU, had that happen ones with the same symptoms.
  2. Have you checked the temps of the GPU? It could be overheating. If it has a fan on it for cooling, check to see if it spins when the computer is on. Also, have you checked your power supply? What are you doing when it fails? If you are gaming or doing something intensive, it may be that the power supply is not up to the task; sometimes this type of failure (PSU) will present itself as something else (e.g. Graphics card).
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