How to know if my card is running properly?

I have put in a Radeon HD 4850 X2 1GB graphics card... well i bought it from a guy with no CD so i went online to find a driver for it and most were for windows vista and xp... its an older card i guess... so what im wondering is how to test its stability and to know if its working properly? Please help me if you can and also if someone could find a driver (the most updated one) that would be awesome also.. Windows 7 32-bit...

Thank you in advance :P
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  1. install catalyst control center and run it to update.

    if your monitor is connect to your card then its at least working.
  2. ok it is connected and i notice a difference in my game but how to test to see what its benchmarking at and the quality... and do u have a link for catalyst control center?

    also test your card with 3d mark and see it against other benchmark of the same card.
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