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I used to love sound blasters up to my Audigy 2 gamer when someone told me The Realtek audio that comes with mobos are just as good , is there much of a difference? worth the $ to buy one?
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  1. I had a Soundblaster X-fi in my last build. I tried the onboard audio on my new Z77 board (Realtek ALC898) and couldn't tell the difference (though I'm not an audiophile), so I'm using that instead.
  2. Depends on the speakers/headphones. Most soundcards are a step up, and with quality equipment, theres a MASSIVE difference. [My Audio-Technica ATH-M50's are horrid using onboard].

    That being said, Creative hasn't been top of the line quality for some time now. ASUS, HT Omega, and Auzentech are where to go for soundcards these days.
  3. im using My old creative 5.1 speakers that i got back in 2003 with my audigy
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