Whats happening with all this spam today?

I went to see what was happening on the Forums and i'm greeted with all this bollocks about football streaming.
I can't be arsed to search through this to find an actual post.
Sort it out Toms.
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  1. I probably posted this in the wrong section. Just put me with all the spam.
  2. I have deleted about 200+ sports spam threads today!
  3. Something happened and we some how became a target for a ton of sports spam today. We are doing our best to keep it under control, we have most of it cleared out but please report any new user names you see spamming it.
  4. The MODs did a pretty good job cleaning things up but it was a strange thing.
    All from accounts opened today. Pretty stupid spam subjects for this type of forum.

    Did anyone think of looking at and maybe geo-locating the IP addresses?
    Or putting that site linked in the spam on potty-mouth filter?

    Already deleted accounts:
    asay kormoker's profile
    shovohosen's profile
    tvspotronline's profile
    durlovbiswas's profile
    winstar2's profile
    boundule77's profile
    altufaltu's profile
    capu's profile
  5. Sometimes we get bombarded by spam attacks - though the tools for managing them have far improved in the past few months. Response time here was pretty darned good for what level of attack it happened to be.
  6. ...AND it continues again today! Something needs to be done to stop the massive SPAMMING.
  7. The MODs are pretty quick getting it removed.
    But it's looking pretty relentless. The spammer is now using a URL shortener to get around his site being put on the potty-mouth filter.

    When it's happening it pretty much takes over the THG Front Page Forum Live Feed display.
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  8. We are all working hard to keep this spam out!
  9. They are back again. Too bad I am not allow to remove them.
  10. With our Mod team, there is almost always someone online. Please report the spam, and we'll ban/remove the garbage. Thanks!
  11. ^I was reporting so many of them repetitively. When I click the report button, and type in "spam" for the description, I send a message to the mod team right? That makes me feel like the spammers!


    Is it possible to have a check box on the forum front page and a dedicated spam button so that you can tick multiple spam and report them. Also add default action button next to the text box where you report spam so I don't have to type them over and over again?
  12. Yes, it sends us notifications. No, we don't view it as spam. I/we all greatly appreciate those who report it. We don't see everything, so it helps when members report things to us.

    When you report a spam post, not only do we delete that post, but we ban and suppress all the posts from that user. So you may report 1 spam post, but it may end up deleting 10, 20, 30+ posts. You do make a big difference.
  13. So I don't have to report like 30 spam from the same user? One 1 and you can trace the trail and delete the rest?
  14. Yes 1 report from a user and we can track and delete the rest!
    Thanks for all your help Pyree!!!!!!!! :D
  15. Ok, that will be better for my mental health by not having to perform mind numbing task.
  16. Yep, that was just what was needed tonight. Just the right number of alerts.
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