Best Graphics Card For My DG33FB Motherboard

I need a graphic card which would support the games and my designing software's.
Mother Board :- Intel DG33FB
RAM :- 4 GB 667 MHz
Processor :- Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz
Power Supply:- 450W
I need the best graphics card which will suit in this scenario. My previous card was GT 8600 which is not working now. Heard that GT 220 will be suitable. But want to confirm is there any other best card is available?
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  1. Can you tell me what PSU is that?

    In my opinion if your PSU is decent, (like antec, corsair, seasonic, xfx) You can put in GTX 550/6770 there without bottlenecking. Just make sure you have the money... But then I need to confirm about the PSU. If you don't know yours just tell us how many amps does it got on the 12V+ rail.

    Good Luck and have a good day :).
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