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Okay well I have decided to build up a computer mainly because I want to play wow. My brothers friend gave him a computer a while back but he no longer uses it because he has a new one.

The computer was built from a dell mother board and I think it has an anthon in it. They put a sound card, a saphire ati radeon 3850 in it it has like 2 sticks of 512mb and a 1gb stick of ram.
I think it has a 300gb hard drive and runs on 450 watt factory power supply that probably cam with the dells.

What I want to do is build off of that so I dont have to buy as much parts. The computer is running slow as hell because my other little brother messed it up with viruses most likey so I am thinking of just getting windows 7 to write over the xp.

My budget is mad low and if I don't buy the parts one at a time asap I will end up spending the money because I am always bored. So my plan is to grab some cheaper parts, get the system up and running so I can play wow and save money for better parts down the road.

I was thinking of grabing a pentium celeron g530 because they are 60 bucks for 2.4 ghz and I was thinking of grabing an h61 because those are also cheap. With that price plus the windows which is about 100 bucks I can get a system up in a few weeks instead of a few months.

I am hoping I can use the power supply, video card, ram. I do realize that the ram is crap so I will probably have to get 2 sticks of 2gb ram which is pretty cheap anyway.

What I want to know is will I be able to play wow with a celeron g530 and the saphire 3850?
Will that power supply do for now? I have a small monitor which is probably a little over my laptop resolution of 1366x768 because the screen looks just a little but bigger.

My whole plan is to get wow running so I don't go out and spend money from boredom. Then I can save for a better parts and upgrade a part at a time and when im done I will throw all the older parts together and sell it to my youngest brother.

So I guess the main question is will wow run at a smaller resoultion with the saphire ati radeon 3850 and the celeron g530 on the h61 board?
Any other advise on this all I would much appreciate as well. Thanks guys.
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  1. I would wait and see if newegg has a shellshocker combo package for Intel next week. For $225-300, you usually get the case/ps, board, cpu, heatsink, hardrive, ram and sometimes a low end video card. The typical discount is 25%, and you can keep extra parts for spares or sell them on craigslist.
  2. The GPU is going to give you more pickup for gaming than the CPU most likely. If you want to swing $110. Grab a new radeon 7750, with no additional power requirements it'd be a great addition. If you want to save even more get a hd 6000 series, like a 6670.

    However with the GPU you'll probably end up in a situation where you get more variance in frame right (higher highs, similar lows) than doing the CPU which should do more to the minimum frame rate, with a moderate improvement in overall fps.

    The next thing to do would be to swap the MB/CPU/RAM together. If you went with AMD it'd run you under $200 for an A4,4gb ram and a MB. (70 cpu, 50,mb, 50 ram)

    If you go intel, like sandy bridge, then you can build similar to what you are suggesting but with the g620 for a similar price. However AMD motherboards will give you more for the money on their chip-sets than Intel will (read ports).

    If you want to do the CPU/MB/RAM upgrade first, the advantage to going with the AMD system is you can probably play WOW better than you are now with the APU. With the Intel you'll have to use the 3850, no way around it. However the Intel will get you the most potential if you want on swapping the CPU out later down the road.
  3. Thanks guys.

    I have a few more questions. Can anyone direct me to a low cost mother board that has ide connections?

    My hard drive does not have sata and neither does my optical drive. I have noticed that there is adapters out there but I don't wat to have to buy 2 just so I can hook up both the hard drive and the optical drive. So is there any mother boards that dont cost to much and have the ide ports or is there any other solutions maybe double adapter or somethine?

    Also I am going to change the mother board a cpu on my old computer I have an 80gb hard drive I still want to use but I read some where that I wont be able to use it with the old xp on it with a new mother board is that true? Will I have to buy another OS because I don't have the money for all this stuff but I doo wanna get this up and running asap.

  4. 1155 with ide port: asrock fatal1ty p67 performance for $129.99 at newegg (link broken). You can reload retail or some oem windows copies, but if your old system is dell, hp, etc. then you'll need a new windows coa and dvd.
  5. o1die said:
    1155 with ide port: asrock fatal1ty p67 performance for $129.99 at newegg (link broken). You can reload retail or some oem windows copies, but if your old system is dell, hp, etc. then you'll need a new windows coa and dvd.

    Well the board im useing is an asus a7n8x-x and the computer looks likes its been built up I dont know for sure because im a little new to this but I take it I want be able to use the hard drive with the xp on it because I dont have the original windows xp disc.
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