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Best AGP card for my Pc

Which Is the Best graphics card for my pc? Nvidia/ATI

my pc specs are

AMD Duron 1.6GHz
Gigabyte 7VM400M-RZ motherboard
Nvidia Geforce 2 mx400 agp card
512 mb Ram

PLEASE HELP ME.... :cry:
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    a new system. if you don't have the budget for full upgrade, look for something like these:,2383.html
    imo the price will not be worth it. a new system would be better.
  2. No full upgrade???? It seems a really bad system... :'(

    But still not worth it...
  3. You might be served quite well by spending on a new AMD am3 socket board with integrated graphics and a like a 880g or a 780g chipset. The low end processor is between $20 and $40 and the MB can be snagged for between $20 and $40. Most will come with IDE support letting you use your old drives. Ram will be quite cheap(10-20$), make sure you get ddr3 support.

    For between $60 and 100 you will bet much faster overall performance as well as a pci-e slot that will let you upgrade to much cheaper and faster cards than you can get on AGP.

    That is the route I took with my old system when I needed to upgrade it's video card.
    You will spend at least $60 for any kind of decent AGP card.
  4. Ah, AGP, brings back tons of memories...

    Anyways, go on tigerdirect or ebay and you should find a AGP card there somewhere...
  5. Whatever the cheapest one you can find is. 9700pro or 9800pro would be fine.
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