New build opinion?

Hey guys,
I decided it was time to buy a new desktop, here's the config I chose:

Case:NOX Blaze
Power supply: Corsair Gaming Series GS800 - 800W 80 Plus
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600k
GPU: Asus GTX570 Direct CU II 1280MB GDDR5 PCI-E
RAM: Corsair 2x4096MB DDR3 1600Mhz

What do you think of it?

My other question is: will I need to buy additional cooling systems? Since the case has 2 fans, and the GPU also has two of it's own, do you think I can hold on in buying more fans/water cooling until the summer (since I'm already a bit overbudget)?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Not familiar with the case.

    The PSU is normally not recommended because the GS series is normally not much better than the CX series, but costs more. 850TX is you are planning to add another GTX 570, or 650TX with just one. Also XFX 650W, Antec 620W, nd others are good.

    If you are planning to SLI and that is your budget, have a look at the XFX 850W

    And since that is your budget, forget the i7 and use an i5. You won't see any difference in gaming and you can put the extra into a CPU cooler and slightly better case.

    Storm Scout maybe
  2. If that case is the one they call "Rubiks Cube", it is a mini ITX and won't fit a full sized ATX MB Like the Asus P8Z68. It also has only 1 rear fan and an 80mm at that, small. I suppose a GTX 570 graphics card might fit with a mini ITX MB with 1 PCIe2.0X16 slot but not likely for an aftermarket cooler for a CPU such as an Intel I5-2500K (or I7-2600K). Heat would be a major problem with those components in that case. A TFX power supply is also different from a regular ATX power supply.
    Best to buy a proper case for those components.
  3. The cube is just the default page you get when you google. If you go to products and chassis you'll find the Blaze... It's not awful I suppose but with a GTX 570 I would want a bit better air flow if possible.
  4. Proximon, I think i'll follow your advices!

    The Storm Scout and the case I said are pretty much the same price, but the Storm Scout has two 140mm fan and one 120mm fan, while the nox blaze only has two 120mm fan.

    So, with those 3 fans, will I still need to get a cpu cooler?
  5. CPU cooler if you want to overclock more than 800MHz or so.
    I read your case spec. wrong. You can always add fans to your Blaze case.
  6. DelroyMonjo, the CPU I won't overclock for sure. Only (maybe) the gpu.

    So do you think the nox blaze would also be a good enough case, or that I should definitely go to the Storm Scout?
  7. I think the Blaze is a bit crowded and has only the one fan space in front, heavily blocked by cages. I prefer to have space for two front fans or one larger front fan myself.
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