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Best Monitor For Gaming

I am planning to buy a LED or LCD monitor mostly for gaming. I use Nvidia GeForce GTS550 Graphics card, so need something which is suitable for it. My budget is around 250 - 300$ and am mainly looking for Samsung and secondly dell, these are 2 best brands in my country India. Please give as much details as possible as i am a noob in this field. I have selected Samsung S20A300N from my research, also suggest whether its good.
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  1. samsung is good but dell is can get a 24"+ monitor for $300
  2. ASUS Monitor is a better deal. Here is one good:

    It will work good with your GPU and for gaming. Hope you find one in india :).
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, the specs of that monitor are good but ASUS service is not that great in India.
  4. I agree with "refillable", get the 27" Samsung. It's worth the buy. I got one myself and the difference between my 22" samsung and 27" is unreal. Happy Gaming
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    You can skip through all of that "response time" and "colors", and you want minimal "input lag". Response time is how fast the pixel changes, but does not say how late it starts the change compared to the input signal (from GPU).
    I know of 2 sites that do input lag test (links are to HP ZR24W, which is my ideal monitor, although can't say I can afford it):
    The test are done using the clone settings from a GPU and for reference they use a CRT.
    I play iRacing, which is a racing sim, and in sliding situations, a Dell 20" monitor showed me what a difference input lag can make (the Dell had a huge lag compared to an LG 32" TV). I'm not a fast driver, but with the Dell I had no successful recovery from spins. With the TV, I noticed that I can recover some.
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