Somekind of problem with the monitor

Hello communty

I have this problem with my monitor. Everytime at the PC startup (later on it works fine) i have troubles turning on my monitor. When computer is starting up(or sometimes in windows) i click the power button on my SyncMaster 940bf. Light goes on but soon it goes off. Then it goes on but if i click it at 2nd cycle it wont be responsive. Also when the light is on i will hear a beep and monitor will become little more brighter for a second or less. Today i struggled with it for about 5mins but now its working fine without any problems.
Help please?

Best regards

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  1. Today i was having 30 min of messing around with it... It gave up after normally for today :P

    I really need any suggestions :(
  2. is there a proper connection to your gpu?
  3. Yes the connection is ok. First thing i did was re-check it.
  4. i had a problem like that once and it was the psu.
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