Black colours on screen turn red

i have some issues with my colours on my laptop.
I have a quadcore 2.2 with 8gb mem and gtx570m inside.
when i play a game or go on the internet my screen randomly change the colours.
All what appear 2be black is now red. sometimes it turn good again but then it goed red again.

Annyone can help me?

Grz Youri
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  1. What kind of game?
    Flash or Java?
    Try updating you plugins
    Does it work in another browser? (firefox,chrome)
    Can you test it on another screen?
    What processor?
  2. Its when i play bf3
    Flash up2date
    Nvidea updated 290.53
    Intel i7
    Dient test it on other screen yet
  3. If testing it on another screen doesn't work it's probably
    the graphics card
  4. I did à test with à 2nd screen and that 1 was perfect. My laptop screen is red and THE other normal colours.
    You think its à wire it something that maybe have à bad contact?
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