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So guys, the title says it all. I need a new gfx card for my laptop for gaming (Don't just tell me to upgrade to a desktop, I don't want to, and I cant afford to at the moment) I was thinking a 6670, but I'm not too sure. I have about 50 pounds to spend. All help would be appreciated :).

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  1. You can't upgrade your laptop gpu.
  2. Wait, so there's no possible way? I thought you could, I've been told by alot of people you can, and I know someone who's upgraded a laptops gfx card... (He has the exact same laptop as me, coincidently)
  3. A few laptops have a possible way to upgrade the graphics but there is little standard between them and an upgrade tends to cost as much as a new laptop with the upgrade (as to make sure it works you need to get a dell part for a dell laptop etc.). In summary its sometimes possible but almost never worth it.
  4. BTW have you even seen a 6670M laptop card for sale?
  5. Yep. But I'm thinking of just selling my laptop and getting a decent tower instead.
  6. Enyar said:

    Not really a very powerful one.
    The Sempron and the 6450 would be too weak for gaming.
  7. I just want something that'll run SWTOR on lowest specs, at a nice steady rate :S
  8. That semperon system is not good at all (I am not sure it will even play many modern games at all at any settings) this is £50 more and 100 times better OS nmot included though so another £70 again. Its hard to find prebuilt PCs with good GPUs but if you build yourself around an i3 2100 (if not a Pantium Gxx or Athlon x3) and a Radeon 5770/6770 you should be able to get under £400 including windows 7.
  9. And that'll run games nicely? I'll only be running them on low specs anyway for maximum fps
  10. The system I recommended is good for high settings in nearly any game and ultra at low resolution. And is better than any <£1000 laptop.
  11. Wow man, thank's alot. I'm already figuring out ways on how to earn the extra 100-150 quid I'm going to need to buy it :D.
  12. Why not build your own?
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