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I'm planning on buying a new AMD system with essentially the "best" components. Athlon-C 1.3GHz, Crucial PC2100 DDR SDRAM, MSI K7T266... however, I am now questioning my decision. I read something (I forget where I read this...) about how PC2700 DDR SDRAM is on its way, and the Palomino isn't too far away. Well, I still want a new system SOON. So, I ask for some insight. Should I go ahead and go all out for the current best components? Or should I go with the cheaper Athlon-B, PC133 SDRAM, and then do a massive upgrade later on (change mobo, procesor, and ram)? I really need a new computer soon, and I need it to be pretty damn good, but i don't want to find out that had I waited a few months, components that perform significantly better could have been mine. PLEASE HELP!
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  1. Your not alone! {wait} #1 The MSI K7T266 is the first MB out using the KT266 chipset that has been tested against older MB's!! for all we know this board could suck! more will soon be released! #2 pc2100 DDR 2.5 just dropped big time in price "WHY" PC2100 2.0 is what you want {better performance} more suited for the new KT266 chipset,{sell off the overstock before they catch on} #3 I'm waiting to see if the PALOMINO
    will be supported in the new KT266 MB's if so I want it!!!
    #4 PC2700 may mean DDRII even more better performance.Sit back and wait, lets see what's going on, it won't be long just a few weeks I'll keep you posted!!!on this thread.
  2. Oi... a few weeks? Man, I keep saying that to myself, and things keep getting delayed, and new things keep being announced. I'm never going to get a new computer! As for the CAS 2.5 thing, would CAS 2 be more expensive? And what about this whole Rambus trial thing? If Rambus wins, what's going to happen to DDR RAM prices? Man, I need a new computer as soon as possible because I need to learn some programs for the sake of my résumé. Didn't some other company release a KT266 board? I forget who, but its benchmark scores weren't too impressive. Man, I'm so considering just building an Athlon-B PC133 system. Then again, the price difference between a PC133 system and a DDR system isn't that huge. Sometimes I wish the hardware industry would stop and take a break.

    Man, sometimes I think I'd be better off not knowing jack about computers. My clueless friend is nuts about his new P4 1.4GHz system that he bought off of the home shopping network on TV. The components are terrible but he doesn't know better. Ignorance is bliss.
  3. I have a friend that is the same way he baught a P4 and loves the thing, but my duron @933 blows his away due to the fact that they put a tnt m64 card in it. I told him all about his system (why its slow) he thinks that I am full of sh$%.

  4. I have the K7T266 and it is stable with a 1.33 Athlon "C". I also have 512 MB Crucial PC2100 in it with it running at CAS 2 just fine. Some have set it to run at 300MHz also but I have not tried that yet. If you want to keep waiting, go ahead, but remember there is always something new. And yes the Palomino will use the Socket A, not a new socket. I just read that the other day, I think it was on I really don't see the need to keep waiting but hey its your money and your time without the new system.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  5. Booky, yeah, but now I still have to wait for CAS 2 Crucial PC2100 DDR SDRAM since it seems like all they have is 2.5 for now. The fun never ends.
  6. Man, looks like you've been reading from the book of my life. I was this ( ) close to buying a brand new pc athlon b 900 and a geforce 2 gts back in November (about 1400$ here). Everybody advised to wait for ddr. So I waited. Now I can afford athlon c 1.33 w/ ddr and a gf2 ultra easy, gf3 if I'm lucky, this (------------------) lucky. So if you're writing a petition to the industry, my name is on top dude. I haven't heard that the palmino would be socket compatible with the older athlon C's. I mean would the asus a7m266 take it? hmmm... If it does, a duron seems fine now. The cas 2.5/2 is a spank in the @$$ for me too.
    Wake me up when it's time to upgrade.

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  7. Hi. It's me again. I just want to add that at some point, you just can't wait anymore. I doubt I would wait for the palmino. When it comes, it'll be too expensive, and then, good motherboards have to come out...etc. Now they're saying, the GF3 is too expensive, the Radeon II (I don't know when it's coming out) would have a better price/performance ratio and stuff. I forgot to say that in November, my friend spent just that much to get his 1 gig Athlon b and a geforce 2 mx and he's quite happy. I know I will be much happier with the above mentioned system.
    What's with Rambus winning and prices rising crap (no offense, the crap was intended to Rambus)?
  8. Ok, I don't understand why you would wait for crucial CAS2? I clearly said that the PC2100 CAS2.5 runs just fine at CAS2, or at least it does in my machine and everyone elses that I know that uses it. But hey its your money, if you want to pay more for a rated stick then go ahead. But im telling you they run rock solid at CAS2.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  9. I don't know a whole lot about the technicals, but as far as I know, I would be able to OC a CAS 2 better than a CAS 2.5. Someone want to share some technical wisdom?
  10. Palomino just need BIOS upgrade :cool:

    It ain't falling in the water that kills you; it's staying in there.
  11. No problem for me. I cant afford it at the moment. I'm waiting for the Palomino and maybe NVidias new chipset with PC2700. Who knows.

    It ain't falling in the water that kills you; it's staying in there.
  12. I read several reviews running Crucial PC2100 CAS2.5 at CAS 2 without a problem. They were running at 300MHz and said they thought they could push it even further.

    Take a look:

    At some point you just have to jump in and upgrade. There will always be new and better technology coming out. If you always wait for the next new chip or board, you will never upgrade!

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  13. Er... the review at the link you gave said that they were able to overclock the PC1600 to 300MHz. The PC1600 they used was always at CAS 2.

    To anyone that has the Crucial CAS 2.5 PC2100 DDR SDRAM... by how much have you been able to overclock it?
  14. Well, if they were able to overclock CAS2.5 PC1600 to run at CAS2 and 300 MHz, I wonder how well their PC2100 must perform!

  15. Here is the real issue. If we all waited for the next best thing, we would never buy, as the "next" best thing never happens, it just becomes the :next Best thing. Also, unless you plan on doing massive Video or 3D design all the current boards will work fine, as most benchmarks are saying that processor speed is no longer the bottleneck for 99% of the games out there, the Graphics card is. It will probably take a year for the Graphics card Manufactures to catch up to the current high processor speed boards. Find a Board that supports a Athlon 'C' and buy a B will save you money. I waited over a year to find the next best before buying it, and saved $$. Also by buying something that is a few months old to 1/2 a year is not a bad idea as a lot of bugs have been worked out.
    Oh, and as long as people like us are out there asking for better technology, they will never stop.

    If it works for you then don't fix it.
  16. I heard the palmino's share the same socket with the current athlon's. Does that mean I can get an asus a7m266, stick a duron in it and wait for the palmino 1.5 gig?
  17. I guess waiting a while paid off! I'm going to buy the asus a7m266 mb, 256mb crucial pc2100 2.5 memory and 1333/266 athlon. this is a solid board and less problems. But most of all the amd 761 chipset.
  18. I corrected the link in my previous post. It should have been
  19. So long as the asus release a palmino BIOS update which is almost certain.

    It ain't falling in the water that kills you; it's staying in there.
  20. I feel sorry for him

    It ain't falling in the water that kills you; it's staying in there.
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