How to change preferred graphics processor on msi fx600

how do i change my preferred graphics card to nvidia geforce gt 325m from the intel integrated graphics on my MSI FX 600?when i try to change the preferred graphics card to nvidia for counter strike the changing option greys out(not active) and hence i'am not able to run counter strike on my nvidia card.please help...
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  1. This is the biggest problem of the worst product from the nvidia.


    There is no absolutely a solution of this 'greyed out' problem and nvidia technician seem to not care about this problem. I already did some research about this issue until now and there is no solution for this really.

    The best way is to auction your optimus laptop and buy an AMD radeon laptop...

    But I find one solution to change the name of the main .exe file, but in my experience it doesn't really solve my problem and cause the shortcuts to go wrong... but worth a try.
  2. There is a solution. First get NVidia Inspector program, go to Driver profile settings, find specific program name in profile drop down menu (e.g. Half-Life, Mirror's Edge). Then in the settings list find "Enable Application for Optimus" (under "Other" section) and choose SHIM_RENDERING_MODE_ENABLE. Apply changes, and voila.

    There is another problem I am facing now - driver ignores my preferred gpu settings and uses integrated Intel card regardless of what I chose. This is awful.
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