Build a system around a phenom II X4 980

i bought a amd phenom II X4 980 black edition cpu

i need a generic gaming capable build around that cpu i also have 8GB or DDR 1333 RAM and seagate 500 GB and 22X dvd-rw

so i need

a generic case
a full-atx am3 or a am3+ mainbaord that support this cpu
a power supply that will handle this processor overclocked to 4 ghz and a hd 6870 or hd 6850 or gtx 460 also overclocked
a grpahic card 170 and below

Monitor resolution 1366x768

uses: gaming and surfing the internet

i play battlefeild 3 and crysis

buy date: in the next hour or so
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  1. nzxt source 210 (for cheapness) or go with nzxt phantom or antec 302
    asus crosshair V formula for mobo it's awesome (this might be expensive but it's worth it)
    corsair ax650w/750w 80plus gold or any corsair 650-750w 80plus bronze(i suggest getting a 750w 80plus gold psu from seasonic or corsair, it's worth it if in any case you might want to add other stuff in your system, better be ready than never)
    amd sapphire 6850/6870 should be at 150-180$ price range
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