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Minimum PSU Wattage Requirement

What does this mean for agp card
Minimum PSU Wattage Requirement:300W

My MOtherboard contains an agp 8x green slot. Will it be enough to provide 300W

help me with this card:Radeon HD 4350 512MB DDR3 AGP
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    Power supply, not the AGP slot. Check out if your system has 300W power or more.
  2. The card'll take a PCI-e power cable:
    Your power supply, which has that cable, must be able to provide 300W, and it should be a good brand.
  3. yeah check the sticker on the side of the power supply it will say "total power" or "total continuous output" or something along that line with a wattage next to it.
  4. ...and the brand.
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