Artifacting and BSOD on Radeon HD6750

Hello. i recently got a Radeon HD6750 for christmas and everything ran fine and dandy till i tried to play any games :( about 5-10 minutes into the games i would get artifacting all over my screen, the entire screen would become pixalated or the land would just tear or water would start flashing yellow and green and then it would crash to a black screen.
Whenever the blackscreen would come up 1 of 2 things would happen: 1. my game would come back up with all my spells items in my bags or jsut random parts of my screen being all messed up. or 2: it would make a sound over my speakers/headset like grinding metal and then it would Blue Screen with 1 of 2 causes, ATIkmpag.sys or ATIkmdag.sys.
This has plagued me for many many months as for my birthday i bought a powercolor Radeon HD5570 that has done the exact same thing. i was told it was a defective GPU hence buying the new card. I have updated and uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers for both cards, I have reinstalled W7 home Premium 64bit about 4 times now for each card. I have looked around and tried so many different things to fix it and nothing has fixed it. Any help would be appriciated before i throw my computer out the window and go back to buying prebuilts.

Computer specs:
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
Case: RAIDMAX Thunder ATX - black
Processor: Intel Celeron E3400 Wolfdale 2.6GHz 1MB Dual-Core Desktop Processor
Memory: 2 gigs [1gigx2] DDR3-1300 RAM
Mootherboard: BIOSTAR P43D3 Intel P43 ATX Intel Motherboard
Video Card: XFX Radeon HD 6750
Hard Drive: 500gig 700RPM 3.0gbs
PSU: Linkworld Linkpower ATX-550 LPG12-35-p4 550W ATX 12V REV. 2.01 Power Supply I-7 ready

this only ever happens in games. i can watch movies and video's just fine, i can watch people livestream games, but as soon as i try and play any games this happens.

games its happened it:
World of warcraft
Hero's of newerth
DoTA 2
League of Legends
Dead space 1 and 2
angry birds
Assassin's creed 2
Rusty Hearts
etc... you get the point, its not just 1 game

sometimes when it artifacts if i can hit Ctrl Alt Delete and bring up the options menu and hit cancel it will fix it for a bit but eventually it does it again.

Examples: this shows 3 of my errors in World Of Warcraft
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  1. I'd RMA the card, it must be broken/defective.
  2. Do you have a spare computer to try it in? I mean, if it's not the graphics card, it must be the motherboard..
  3. Sunius said:
    Do you have a spare computer to try it in? I mean, if it's not the graphics card, it must be the motherboard..

    it has been with 2 different cards it has done the same thing, i dont have another computer to try it in, but could it really be the motherboard causeing it?
  4. Yes it could.
  5. before i buy a new motherboard and a new CPU, is there anything else that could be causing this?
  6. A faulty PSU?
  7. Faulty PSU as well. It might be RAM as well. Could be anything, to be honest.
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