New Computer, but need a better power supply. Help.

I'm considering purchasing this computer:

It's about in my price range I was looking for, but by the looks the main con is its power supply.
So I don't know what will fit or work or hook up right or any of that... Please help me!

I suppose a little more info would help... I plan on using this as a gaming computer, main game will be Skyrim and League of Legends.

Also, if that 700W PSU is fine please let me know! The less money I have to add onto this the better
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  1. I didn't see any specs for the PSU, other than it being 700W. So I can't tell if it's an especially good one or not. However, they tend to use good components, so, find out what make and model PSU is in that box.
  2. Thank you. I'll be sure to check it out, not sure whether 700W is really a lot or not for a PSU. When it comes to the actual parts of computers and not just numbers like processor speeds I have no idea what I'm doing :3
  3. 700W is a lot of power for a system with a single graphics card. Not too much, but plenty in reserve should you decide to upgrade later.
  4. In the picture it says that it is a Coonix pwoer supply, I have never heard of them before.

    You are buying prebuilt so you take your chances with the parts. On the one hand iBuyPower would not still be around if the power supplies they were using were crap. At the same time you know that they are using that Manufacturer because of the cost so they have to be skimping somewhere.

    If I were you I would google Coolnix and look up some specs about that power supply. Or make sure that you have a warranty for the computer.
  5. Well, here's the page for that PSU. I don't see anything remarkable about it, either good or bad.
  6. This is why you are supposed to search the forum before you post.
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