Cooling Dual Xeons (e5-2687w)

Hey guys,

What would you recommend as far as fan cooling these dual xeons?

I know they aren't overclockable so it shouldn't get too hot...I'm not sure if watercooling is worth it.

That being said, I know the noctua heatsink/fan seems to be king for single cpus, but what about dual cpus? Of course, I would like it to be as silent but cool as possible.

Using this on a ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS motherboard and Corsair 800D case (most likely, though open to suggestions)

Thanks for your thoughts!
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  1. In most cases the cooling for these processors are based on the case that you are using (in this case you will want to use an active cooling solution. I wouldn't look at any of the big air coolers but look for anything that support socket 2011 and has a reasonable size. Here are some cooler for socket 2011 over at
  2. Thanks for your reply intelenthusiast,

    I took a look over at those coolers and they all seem to have fairly poor reviews...if I can't find a good heatsink/fan for these, I will just cool them with corsair h80s.

    I am most likely doing this in a corsair 800d so I'm just worried also that the fans may be too big.
  3. Anyone else have thoughts?
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    realmisr said:
    Anyone else have thoughts?

    i think corsair h80/100 would be the est option..
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