Need help setting up internet connection w/ Netgear N300 USB adapter!

Hi everyone

I built my first computer today (woot!) but I'm having issues using my netgear N300 usb adapter to access the internet.

I am using a DLink router but for some reason I am getting some weird issues.

First of all, after using the netgear usb adapter, my mac address is something like E0-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx with the xx being the other numbers. Is having a macaddress starting with E0 wrong? All the other 5 devices on my router have mac addresses starting with 00.

Secondly, I am getting a 169.xxxxxx ip address. This is really starting to bother me because I can't set it up using DHCP.

I'm a noob when it comes to this and would like help getting this working. Please help me!

I need to connect to the internet ASAP!

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  1. Gratz on the new comp build.

    MAC address seems fine to me.

    The Router's DHCP should be working. Have you logged into the router yet to see if it is turned off for any reason? Try rebooting the computer and power cycling the modem and router as well.
  2. yeah i tried all that but for some reason i can't add my comp to the router

    for instance im trying to get ip address ending in 110 on 172.xxxxxxxxxxx but it says mac address invalid
  3. ya it says mac address is invalid
  4. Try hard wiring the computer to the router and see if you get a normal ip address starting with 192. If you do then we know we are dealing with a problem with the adapter.
  5. And please list your router model.
  6. nvm i found fix... firmware update was all i needed wow.. rofl i hadn't updated it since i went to college 2 yrs ago

    thnx for helping me man i appreciate it esp this late at night.
  7. No worries firmware update was next recommendation I swear! hahah peace and good night bro.
  8. great it works but now i can't connect lolw tf
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