Best single slot graphics card - 9800 gtx or gts 450 ECO version

any other suggestions

what are the best single slot cards ??

Those are the two I found from looking online.
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  1. Sorry? What do you mean by single slot? Do you mean GPU that takes only one PCI-E slot (that means no Crossfire or SLI)? GTX 590...
  2. you can find some hd 6770 that are single slot.
  3. yes single slot, as in taking up on slot and is slim enough for one backplate

    I mean it only uses up one backplate

    And no I don't mean a card that isn't crossfire or SLI

    EDIT : Something like a gtx 46- RAZOR, purposely built to take up one slot
  4. you can easily find a 6770 thats single slot. Its probably the most powerful you'd find.
  5. What about a watercooled single slot card?
  6. sorry a watercooled card is not an option
  7. Then like others have said probably the 6770. The alternative would be the GTS 450.
    (Bench HD 5770 vs GTS 450) The 6770 and the 5770 perform nearly identically.
  8. 6770+1 It's the best card on your budget...
  9. Sparkle gtx 580 and gtx 570 slim.......
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