Mount Corsair h60 rad ourside MSI Raptor case.

I was wondering if anyone had an idea how to mount the rad for the Corsair h60 liquid cooler outside the case. It is an MSI raptor case. thanks!
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  1. You are either going to have to cut the tubes and feed them through a couple of holes before resealing, which would include topping up the coolant and bleeding it,
    or cutting a large enough hole for the rad to pass through before mounting,
    which do you fancy?
  2. Why do you want to do this anyway. And I doubt bleeding it would work well as you wouldn't be able to replace any coolant you spilt very easily, it would take unknown levels of tediousness, is there space in the case at all?
  3. how about posting the radiator through expansion slots at the back of the case?
  4. You'd have to remove the joined parts, leaving a large unsightly hole, I wouldn't go that way personally,
    I'd cut a letterbox type hole in the top, (at each end you would need a little more room to allow the tubes through) and mount it so the rad/fans covered up the hole
    Something like this, excuse the rushed artwork :P

  5. The heatsink is smaller than the rad, no need for such a big hole after all.

    Anyway, that case has a 120mm fan in the back, why can't you put your rad there? Even if you have to put the fan at the outside. ;)
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