I have read the various article not only here but in general that recommend SCSI over IDE however i was wondering would say buying a CDRW(Plextor) in IDE at a speed of 40x16x10 be better than...
CDRW(Plextor) SCSI at 32x12x10. Please keep in mind that i am only comparing performance not cpu usage, reliability, upgradability, etc.

Also I was considering buying a Ultra160 card instead of an Ultra2, however the fastest drives i plan on using will be ultra2 hardrives. I only ask this becuase i found one of each that were roughly competitive in price.
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  1. There not much of a difference between SCSI and IDE CDRWs these days in terms of making coasters, as long as they both have Burnproof. I'm pretty sure the IDE drive you're looking there would be a better performer in your case, as it's faster.

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  2. IDE writers don't like it if you're doing something intensive on your computer at the same time. There is a danger of buffer underruns, whereby the writer stops when it doesn't get the next chunk of data in time. The newer writers, however, have the ability to resume writing, but the old ones basically trash the CD.

    With a SCSI writer, you can overload your CPU, and it won't even notice it.

  3. If you want to use the system for other things while you are burning go with SCSI. If not save the money and go IDE.
    Also you brought up Ultra 160 and Ultra 2, keep in mind you mix a SCSI Ultra CDR on the same channel with Ultra 160 and Ultra 2 the whole channel will drop to Ultra. Adaptec and Symbios both make controllers that have seperate channels on the same card. The 29160N has a 68 pin Ultra 160 (compatible with Ultra 2) and a 50 pin Ultra channel for peripheral devices. If you have enough slots it may be cheaper to use two cards, one for hard drives and one for peripherals.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but SCSI won't help unless your hard drive or cd-rom that your burning from are also SCSI.
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