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What power supply do I need to run Tri-SLI 580s?

I currently own this one, is it enough?

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    I think you are good.
    A single gtx580 is recommended to have a psu of 600w.

    Each added GTX580 potentially can use 75w from the slot, 75w from the 6 pin connector, and 150w from the 8 pin connector. That totals up to a max of 1200w.
    But, it is most unlikely that all of that power will be drawn, and the corsair psu should be conservatively rated. Since you own the psu already, at least see how it does.

    And, ...I really doubt that a third GTX580 will be worth the upgrade. I suggest trying two first.
  2. Nope. I don't think that'd do it. 1200W is in order. I believe 580s use something like 300W each, and you've got other parts in there too :P
    EDIT: actually, geo's probably right in that your PSU is rated conservatively and should be able to cover a few extra watts. You'll be OK, if you do insist on going through with this.

    I hope you have more than one display.
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  4. The HX1050 is not a very well rated's big enough for two 580's but I think the issues outlined in this review would crimp ya OC'ing attempts only gets a rather pedestrian 8.5 performance rating.

    Three 580's ? No, definitely not......look here:

    I'd use the AX1200

    Note that getting that bigger PSU is gonna cost ya $290 + $500 or more for the 3rd 580 ..... that's well over $800 delivered for a 8% increase in fps..... it will take ya machine from 953 fps in Guru3D's game test suite to 1030 fps....
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