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hi hi, was thinking of building my own super small desktop thats similar to a laptop

i already have some parts and these are the parts that i have (it's on it's way going to arrive in a few days)

AMD A8-3870K
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200RPM
Corsair Force Series 3 120GB (still thinking if i want to put one of these)
G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2X4GB) 1333 Mhz

and i got some parts for my own customized chassis (got a sample but will see if it will fit if not going to make another one)

was looking at some micro psu (i need to break it apart and customize some new case for it) but i don't know those brands

the case i made is similar to a laptop just a bit bigger, and it has a slot on the side where you put GPU if i want to add one for crossfire, (case is bigger than laptop but smaller than cube case) also had a keyboard on top for usage.

so its like a laptop with a slot on the right side to add another GPU, and actually i'm looking at this

sapphire flex 6770

so what do you guys think of a nice PSU to use, was thinking of getting some modular psu so i got some separate cables instead of a octopus cables which is harder to hide specially on a really small case.

so how about that GPU? so whenever i want to go crossfire i can just slot it in on the side of the home built semi-laptop.. got a small monitor and customized it for it to be some fitting for the case.

well i've never really built an APU before and while waiting for ivy i wanna do something interesting and this is what i came up with,

resolution: 1280x720

usage: most likely gaming, but it's just going to be built since i find this interesting.

questions since above is messy:

1- Which PSU you think is nice and safe to break out(never done it before)
2- you think that graphics card is good enough just in case of wanted to crossfire

side note: was actually looking at this seasonic 650w 80plus gold modular psu. since its modular most likely i have control of the cables compared with non modular ones

any expert out there about psu for safety tips and stuff (i'm also researching around for ways to nicely break it apart seen some but extra info would help)

any info there would be great,

just ordered this one too
another asus mobo, going to see which one fits the image i have in mind

just ordered a couple of Seasonic 650w 80plus gold just in case i mess something up.

note: for any who want to see what it looks likes in a nice detailed pic, i'll upload one through print screen using cad later, for anyone interested on the dimensions and visual image of the build
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  1. i already have a customized monitor and working on the specific sample case i made and just plan to customize it more to fit a newer case size just in case the sample doesn't work nicely

    edit: here is a sample illustration, and i know it doesn't look nice, since it took me just a few min to make one, i plan to make one using cad for proper dimension and other stuff while waiting for the parts to arrive.

    Note: i know it looks really bad but please bare with me.


    any help would be great and well i can put up a better illustration but i'm going to be doing that on cad until the parts arrive, at least it would give me a visual on how things would be set up and on what things i need to do. but i do still need some information for you guys or any help and recommendations of other parts

    i'm actually thinking of making an i5 2400 or an i5 2500K (why K? if not overclocking)

    was thinking of making another one if this is a success, of having a special slot that can be opened so i can put an aftermarket cooling although it may look weird but hey every one got their own hobby.
  2. Seasonic makes most of corsair's psu's, so that is where corsair quality comes from. I personally think that is a great buy for a fully modular 650 watt.
  3. i was also looking at it in that way, and thanks it cleared that part up, i plan to order multiple psu, just to see which one fits nicely, i mean after breaking them apart and see which ones nice or just in case i make a mistake it's better to have spare psu
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