The Sims 3 runs super slow don't know why D:

Okay so I got this epic new video card for Christmas the radeon hd 6570. I have trouble with it because I only have a 400W psu I am hoping to upgrade to a 500W in a few days. Anyway I was expecting better fps and higher settings on the sims 3. Yes I did get higher settings but I still have the awful terrible 15-30 fps ._. Would upgrading my psu give me more fps since it will give more power to the card? Please help Sims 3 has been frustrating me and I really like the sims 3 as well its just doing this to me, and I don't play sims 2 unless its for movie making sims 2 runs fine.
here are my computer specs.
M61PME-S2P gigabyte
2.7 GHZ Processor
Radeon HD 6570
400W PSU
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  1. which cpu exact? Penium or dual-core? or wut
  2. single core.
  3. I don't think its the psu. the 6570 barely take any power and a 400w should be enough. try lowering the settings and playing around with them see if things change.

    the cpu should be an athlon 64 x2 Im guessing.
  4. sarah4434 said:
    single core.
    this would probably the the problem as the game requires a minimal of a 2.4 ghz single core and you'd not be able to really turn up many of the settings since thats the case
  5. for windows xp u only need 2.7
  6. One processor isn't equal to another processor. They used to make 3.0 GHz Pentium 4, but nowadays 1.5 GHz processors are more powerful than them. You'll have to tell us the model.
  7. m61pme-s2p
  8. That's a motherboard, not processor :P
  9. AMD Athlon 64 LE-1640
  10. sarah4434 said:
    AMD Athlon 64 LE-1640

    well yeah, that is pretty much the cause for your troubles... (it's rather slow, look towards the lower part in the linked graph)
  11. the good news is the motherboard seems to support wide range of processors, so the cpu can be upgraded quite easily without having to change other parts.
    cpu list
  12. I am trying some Sims 3 Single core tests. I did not play(I don't even know how :) ), just tested areas of the game for consistent performance.

    What did i see?

    Sim 3, will run on faster single core systems(fairly well), but slower speeds will affect the games smoothness. It effectively gets jumpy.

    The game uses about 1gig of memory with default settings and 1024x768 resolution(no edge smoothing). I tried to make all tests fair.

    The tests for the game show

    All tests on an I7 920 with 12 GB(triple channel memory) of memory and a 5770 card. This is clearly too much to test with, so down clocking was done.

    @ 3.5ghz(multi core) Playable, I am not going to lie, it still hiccups from time to time. EA is not that good at game optimizations.
    @ 2ghz(multi core) Playable , but seems to have several slowdowns.
    @ 2ghz(single core) Much more slow downs, but would still be able to play since it is not an action packed game
    @ 1.6(multi core) We are starting to chug along, could still play if needed, but not smooth.
    @ 1.6(single core) Gets worse, map out to map in takes longer to display buildings, menus are slower. I would still guess this game is playable on this setting(as it is not a fast game).

    I know 1.6 seems like a low test, but the I7 architecture is very fast per clock(and has very fast memory paired with fast hard drives in raid) and at that speed it is still actually too fast to test.

    Multi core will help this game for sure, turning down settings is still my best bet to make it more smooth.
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