White vertical lines when swith on pc sli 3 times now

i have been using gtx460 soc in sli for about a month now while having them a week i came across a problem while turning on my pc i had white vertical lines across the start bios screen and motherboard logo it didnt happen for about a week now its done it twice tonight its ok again now tho. it doesnt seem to go past the motherboard screen it then says no signal to my monitor what could be wrong do i have a bad card
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  1. Try changing things.....

    -plug monitor into to different port / card

    - Could be as simple as a bad cable

    -Run in safe mode and see if problem persists, if not

    -Remove drivers.....

    Uninstall via Control Panel, reboot
    Use reg cleaner (i.e. ccleaner) to remove all things nVidia
    Reboot and reinstall latest driver
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